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Litvin Law Firm concentrates on foreclosure defense in Ohio and they break the mold of traditional law firms that work short hours, charge high upfront retainer fees, and provide a limited level of client service and accessibility. In fact, principal, Gennady Litvin states that “world class client service and communication along with result driven effective legal strategies are the firms primary objectives.”

Some of the key communications differences between Litvin Law Firm and other law firms are the fact that they equip all of their foreclosure paralegal personnel with cell phones and they provide their clients with those cell phone numbers. This means that you can connect with the paralegal that is handling your case whenever you need throughout the work day. Litvin Law also has an exclusive online ability to communicate with their clients and provide 24 hour access to documents and attorney notes. Every client is provided with a private access interface to view their case file.

Litvin Law does not accept every case or every client that inquires about engaging the firm. Not every foreclosure case needs a lawyer and if you do not need a lawyer, or if they do not feel that they can help you they will let you know. Many attorneys will take your money knowing that your case may be un-resolvable, but Litvin Law will never knowingly provide you with false hope. Litvin has experienced attorneys that focus on foreclosure in 31 states including both judicial and non-judicial states.

Foreclosure Defense Attorneys at Litvin Law Firm

The attorneys at Litvin Law are well known for foreclosure defense in Ohio, and have already saved their clients in the US over sixty million dollars. Your initial consultation is always free and as stated above, if Litvin does not believe that they can help you defend your home they will not accept your case. If you’re behind on your mortgage and facing foreclosure in Ohio, time is running out and you must act now. A licensed professional foreclosure attorney will provide you with the best chance to save your home and Litvin Law is available to help you right now. To speak to a Litvin Law foreclosure professional call (888) 450-3872. For your convenience our office hours are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM M-F and from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday. ***After hour’s calls will be received by our receptionist and calls returned at the start of the next business day.